Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blueberry Mojito

I'm am so sorry everyone that I haven't been posting!  I have just been so busy lately!  Anyway today I made a delicious blueberry mojito drink!  Now I know most mojitos have alcohol in them but I took it out for me to drink.  I got this recipe from my new subscription to the Food Network Magazine!  This recipe is super easy and quick.  It literally takes 5 minutes!

Blueberry Mojito!

This mojito isn't mine, they were gone  before I could get a picture!


Around 16 blueberries, I used a little more.  (MAKE SURE THEIR BIG!)
20 mint leaves
4 lemon wedges
4 lime wedges
Crushed ice
1 ounce fresh lime juice
2 ounces fresh lemon juice
8 ounces of your favorite run, aged, (Remember this is optional)
4 ounces club soda
1/4 cup + 2 teaspoons of sugar

What to do??

Smash the blueberries.  Then mix blueberries with mint leaves, lemon and lime wedges and shake all in a cocktail shaker.  Add the crushed ice, lemon and lime juice, rum, water, and sugar.  Put mojitos in glasses and garnish with a lemon or lime wedge and a mint sprig.  Enjoy! :)

-Alyssa :)


  1. I saw your Tweet! I opened up a Twitter account last night and I now have TWO followers. And they are not my relatives! :D

    That's so funny that your mojitos were gone before you could take a picture! I love mojito, too, WITHOUT alcohol. Blueberry mojito sounds REALLY delicious. I’ll have to ask Grandpa to make it for me.

    Love, Grandma

    1. That's awesome that you got a Twitter!

      Thanks, and yes they are sooo good! You definitely should try them! :)